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Legal Paternity Test Near Me

Eliot has been the decisive and successful CEO of AZ DNA since 2006. Plus, he can organize and prioritize client needs. Also, Eliot offers numerous years of experience in court-admissible DNA paternity testing. In addition, his expertise includes extensive and diversified experience in legal DNA paternity testing.

AZ DNA has been servicing the valley for over 16 years and is proud to hold an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. As CEO, Eliot is a dedicated professional adhering to a high set of moral principles regarding family relationships and DNA paternity testing.

Call us! You’ll be glad you did.

– Eliot Plamondon

Mobile DNA Testing

AZ DNA provides fast legal paternity results that are AABB-approved and admissible in court. In addition, we provide free mobile DNA paternity testing services to you at your residence at no additional cost.

Phoenix Mobile Paternity Testing – AZ DNA

AZ DNA provides fast, free mobile DNA paternity testing for an alleged father and child for personal and legal reasons. For legal reasons,  Arizona DNA testing includes child support, custody, birth certificate, adoption, immigration, inheritance rights, tax forms, etc.

Arizona’s # 1 DNA provider

Cleary, AZ DNA is number one in the valley and has been servicing the sunny valley of Arizona for over 16 years. We provide conclusive paternity information to legal and clinical establishments, such as the Superior Courts, professional family law firms, private individuals throughout, etc.

AZ DNA – Same Day DNA Paternity Test

AZ DNA gives you a fast court legal DNA paternity test for $299, including free in-home mobile testing. Plus, we have established strategic alliances with family law attorneys and Superior Courts. If you need child support or DNA evidence testing, call 480-695-6250 to schedule.

AZ DNA – DNA Paternity Testing Services in Phoenix, AZ

Get the legal DNA facts for only $299.00! While Arizona DNA offers mobile DNA paternity testing, like legal paternity testing near you. Furthermore, we achieve AABB approved and admissible in court with an A+ Rating with the BBB.

Legal Paternity DNA Test – DNA Testing Father and Child

Surprisingly, AZ DNA provides legal paternity DNA tests for father and child in Phoenix, AZ, for only $299. For more details, call us at 480-695-6250 and schedule an appointment today.

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