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Five Things to Know About DNA Paternity Tests Phoenix, Arizona

There are a lot of facilities that you can find these days that conduct paternity testing. Phoenix will increase future demand for DNA paternity testing as it is more accessible, accurate, and affordable. Not to mention, at-home tests are relatively standard, but sometimes legal paternity tests are needed for specific purposes.

So, if you are among those considering DNA paternity tests in Phoenix, Arizona, you have come to the right place.

The top 5 things you need to know about DNA paternity tests are below. So let’s have a look without any further delay.

● Very Accurate

DNA testing is entirely accurate for determining paternity. For instance, all you need is a painless and straightforward mouth swab for performing the test, and it is 99.999% accurate.

● Simple and Quick

No matter whether you use a Home Kit test or legal test, the entire process of paternity testing is quite simple and provides the results in a case of 2 – 4 business days versus weeks.

● Choose a Compliant Lab

Do it right the first time and avoid the expense of redoing it! People go the extra mile to save a dollar in today’s economy. They may wonder the difference between using an “at-home DNA paternity test kit” versus AZ DNA…. Using an in-home paternity testing kit may seem convenient and cheap, yet, beware! There is a lot of room for error. If you ever want to do something from a legal standpoint (i.e., add your name to the birth certificate or get child support), you will have to do the test all over again with a company that provides legal court-admissible DNA testing. It would help if you always chose an AABB lab that is accredited and conforms to ISO 17025 and is compliant with internationally recognized standards to get the best results.

● Mother’s Sample

Using the mother’s sample can improve the accuracy of the testing. However, there is no need to have a DNA sample from the mother if we consider the standard practice.

● Source of DNA

The biological material used to determine a DNA profile includes blood, cells, tissue, semen, saliva, urine, feces, hair, teeth, and bone.

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