Legal Paternity Test

For only $299, AZ DNA provides at-home and paternity testing for your peace of mind or legal purposes. Plus, AZ DNA offers free mobile service! Therefore, we will meet with you in the comfort of your own home at no additional charge for the collection. Plus, our DNA testing for legal paternity is conclusive and 100% accurate.

Often, families need a paternity test for a pending court case to prove who the biological father is. If so, our legal DNA test provides court-admissible results that confirm or deny who is the biological father. In addition, results satisfy the AABB, which allows you to use the results for any legal purpose throughout all 50 states. For example, this includes child support situations, child custody paternity cases, or changing a name on birth certificates. In addition, our legal test results may also meet or exceed expectations/requirements for social security benefits, insurance, IRS tax deductions, or other domestic legal purposes.

Furthermore, our paternity test complies with any family court order where you need to prove or disprove who’s the biological father. Therefore whatever the case may be, our legal DNA test establishes paternity with a 99.99% probability for a yes or 0% probability for a no. Because our results are 100% accurate, we can provide the admissible court-approved evidence you need for your legal paternity case.

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