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DIY paternity tests FAQs

Regretfully, private, DIY (do it yourself) paternity test results are not admissible in any court. However, AZ DNA provides legal tests that are admissible and acceptable in all Courts throughout the United States. Additionally, some examples of why a judge might order a paternity test would be to add or remove a parent from a childā€™s birth certificate, health insurance, establishing child support, custody, CPS (Child Protective Services), school enrollment, or for an inheritance.

  • Free in-home mobile DNA paternity testing

  • Legal Sibling DNA testing

  • Embassy or USCIS immigration testing

  • Legal Post-mortem DNA testing

  • Infidelity DNA testing

  • Legal DNA paternity test

  • DNA testing father, mother, and child

  • Alternative DNA Paternity Test
  • Legal Aunt or Uncle DNA Test
  • Legal Grandparent DNA Test
  • Hair DNA Test

When all parties involved have completed their DNA sample collections, results get delivered in as little as 2 to 3 days. Then, we call you and tell you the results verbally over the phone and email you a notarized copy of the laboratory report, which you can print off and use legally in any Court.

In an effort to avoid sample contamination, please avoid eating or breastfeeding 20 minutes before the scheduled appointment.

Absolutely, AZ DNA uses the latest cutting-edge technology for testing to ensure effective and precise results. Plus, we use up to 35 genetic markers to ensure accuracy, making your results 100% accurate.

While our paternity test process is similar to a DIY (do it yourself) paternity test procedure, our legal DNA testing results areĀ AABBĀ accredited through our laboratoryĀ DDC.

Unfortunately, doing a private test is strictly for common knowledge. With that said, a judge will never accept private or personal test results under any circumstances. Unfortunately, the judge will order you to do the test again with someone who provides AABB-accreditedĀ results.

Save yourself time, money, and frustration the first time around by doing a legal test.

Surprisingly, no blood. Instead, we collect DNA samples using a simple swab method from the inside of the mouth and cheeks around the gums. Plus, our simple mouth swab is painless and as accurate as a blood draw. In addition, AZ DNA uses up to 35 genetic marker technology to achieve test results up to 100% accurate.

We come to your home, office, park, or place of choice for the sample collection and perform a simple mouth swab from the inside of the cheek.

Yes! We send professionals to you at your home, park, or office to collect samples discretely and quickly. Furthermore, we have same-day free mobile appointments available throughout Maricopa County and surrounding cities.

As a result of your personal privacy, our legal DNA test results are strictly confidential and only shared with the parties involved at the time of collection. Therefore, unlike DIY (do it yourself) paternity test results, our tests are sufficient for all legal matters.

Furthermore, your results stay protected by HIPPA. So, the only way for someone to get your test results outside of the parties involved at the time of collection would be by only a court order from a judge to have the results released.