Benefits of Establishing Paternity

Establishing paternity is a process that involves documenting the legal relationship between a father and a child. The court establishes this relationship and does not depend on any biological relation. A person bearing the responsibilities and rights of parentage is the one who is known as the legal father. They may or may not have a connection by blood.

Establishing Paternity

There are a lot of benefits to establishing paternity. Below we are going to have a look at a few of them.

●      Family History

Establishing paternity will enable the child to know about both the legal parents and relatives from each family side. Besides this, it will also give the child all the essential information about their family.

●      Social Security

Also, the child will be eligible to enjoy all the various Social Security benefits. It will be helpful if something unforeseen happens to the father.

●      Birth Certificate

Establishing paternity helps a child get his birth certificate. In addition, the child will be able to include the father’s name, that will prove helpful for different legal purposes.

●      Medical Support

If the father gets health care benefits from his employer, he can also be provided the same benefits to the child by including him in his health care plan.

●      Access to Medical History

A paternity order also enables a child to know about the medical history of their biological father. Therefore, the child will have no right to obtain the information if he does not possess the paternity order.

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